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The Diversity, Ichnology and Osteohistology Laboratory (DINO-Lab) has existed since October 2019, following the arrival of Prof. Dr. Aline Marcele Ghilardi at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). It is based in the Geology Department of this institution, where it is coordinated by Prof. Ghilardi and vice-coordination by Dr. Tito Aureliano.

The laboratory currently has a very heterogeneous group of undergraduate and graduate students working on a wide range of topics. Most of the undergraduates are linked to the Geology and Biological Sciences courses at UFRN, while the graduate students are from the Postgraduate Program in Geodynamics and Geophysics (PPGG) and Systematics and Evolution (PPGSE) at the same institution.


The laboratory's specialties are paleoecology, paleoichnology, fossil petrography and paleohistology, with an emphasis on vertebrate macrofossils. However, we also carry out studies on paleoinvertebrates, paleobotany and petrography of sedimentary rocks.

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